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14 giugno 2008
DOSSIER urban waste in Campania


Waste problem in  Campania

why this?

Given your comments on this long-running and complex issue, I reported a DOSSIER on the problem waste in Campania, in order to clarify some doubts, some ingenuity, some inaccurate and not generous viewpoints widely disseminated over the network and newspapers.

I do not think to know the absolute truth, however, digging and across linking the local administrator’s documents scattered here and there, I found between the lines, many news probably hidden from the alleged perpetrators of this terrible disaster that we have self-procured as citizens of Campania.

This is summarized in various points of all major phases that produced the waste problem.

-- In many regions of  Italy, the separate collection of waste was started in the 70s and 80s years. But in Campania was started only in the mid-90s years. In the region there was Antonio Rastrelli (AN party) and the government was of Silvio Berlusconi from'94 to'95 years. But, during the succession of Presidents of the region and governments, the plan of collection desired by Rastrelli has never taken the flight. Still, it is below 10% of total. The plan stipulated foresaw that for 2003 had to recycle at least 35% of the waste. Meanwhile in other regions have achieved results close to 40-50% of the collection.

-- The amount of waste produced has grown over the years increasingly in 1998 was 424 kg per inhabitant per year, today is 485 kg (source APAT);

-- Edward Ronchi (Greens – rainbow party) minister in the Prodi government - said in 1996 that the composting and CDR were valid and scientific alternatives to disposal of waste.

[Who wants, carefully read the law Ronchi Decree Law 22/1997]

Then the Regional Council, chaired by Rastrelli, took note and launched in 1997 a plan which provided 7 CDR plants (plants that separate the burnable waste from not burnable) and 2 huge incinerators (not modern one) capable of burn all the garbage produced in Campania.

It defines CDR (fonte. Wikipedia)

Fuel Derived from Waste (CDR), the acronyms English translation RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) is a solid fuel crushed dry obtained from the treatment of municipal solid waste, harvest generally cylindrical blocks called ecoballe.

-- The Regional Council, chaired by Losco UDEUR party, has entrusted the construction of incinerators and facilities to CDR FIBE based in Genoa in the palaces of WTC area San Benigno, "who writes was 5 years in Genoa", preferring his proposal because the cost was more advantageous and timing of implementation short (1 year). The incinerator was designed for the old type and particularly polluting.

-- Bassolino did not use the huge economic resources given to Campania to build the 7 implants of  CDR and the incinerator of Acerra correlated to them. But has used money to pay a lot of parcels at the many consultants that was assumed. Bassolino recruited hundreds of workers for separate collection of urban waste, without start working process and without building composting plants. (place where the processing of organic waste composting). Bassolino has ignored the existence of the advice of Prof. Arena which contained some solutions to the problem. He has not made substantial innovations compared with previous administrators. He has even upset the original plan presented by Antonio Rastrelli, which that project probably, We would not be led in our sad realty.

-- Citizens of Acerra tried to block, the construction of incinerator that since the old type, and at least 5 times the size of normal incinerators, they was not sure on the protection of their health.

-- The implants CDR, put in operation under the administration of Bassolino, they instead of producing cdr (fuel from waste) and fos (organic fraction stabilized). they produced millions of ecoballe, not burnable because containing a biodegradable waste, and other thousand’s tons of organic material not stabilized and then biodegradable. This material has gone thus accumulating at plants and storage sites "provisional" that have become definitive.

-- The judiciary has opened investigations into this whole situation by placing several times seized the yard of Acerra and implants of cdr, thus determining each time the accumulation of waste in the streets. On the basis of these investigations has had to change the design of incinerator of Acerra to try and make it less polluting and comply with European standards.

-- Commissioners extraordinary followed Bassolino was dabbed needs more imminent, have opened old landfill (also seized by the judiciary for infiltration camorristiche). But have not done anything for the long term period. In addition opening landfills declared definitively closed, and then the extension of the dates of closure, led the people in a state of uncertainty, fear and distrust of institutions.

-- The Camorra, in this situation of disorder, they could continue to illegally dispose of toxic and hazardous waste from all over Italy both in ordinary landfills and landfills unfair.

-- Journalists as Santoro and Travaglio too committed to criticise only one part of the ruling class. Politics as Veltroni proved in fact a friend of Bassolino and many other famous people, all united with the only purpose of Berlusconi blame for everything, but they was always silent in front of this dispersion of public money without precedent in the past. So anyone might ask, but they were complacent or indifferent to these problems, caused by people probably organised with crime?

-- In addition to all friends of Irpinia, I add the following plea:

Open your eyes, no one is as it seems, if notice of  be unfairly involved, whether we are giving more than what is claimed to other provinces, attention, The IRPINIA NOT 'THE REGIONAL LANDFILL.

Dossier Rifiuti in Campania (IN ITALIANO)
politica interna
6 giugno 2008
Trash on the streets of Avellino

The streets of Avellino: Avellino is not NAPOLI, but AVELLINO now is like NAPOLI.

Why still another article on trash problem?

It’s simply cause the trash is still there, yeah!| We are all happy. We finally have so much many trash that we can swim across it, We’ve made a new sport, the trash-jumping. If someone try to protest, the rest of the population, reacts against him saying:

“But, are you crazy? don’t you know? Bassolino is the best president of Naples republic and De Simone is the best president of Avellino district, so we must be grateful for them good work, yes it’s so clear this concept in many people of my country, that I’ll never be able to make believe them, another real way, with other person as leader or different strategies to solve this problem.”

So I write articles, but I’m the only one to read that. Yes I am Italian, but I write in English cause, Italian people never ears my voice, someone tells that I write just because I am for BERLUSCONI, only for that, nobody reads my news.

What shall I do? This is my people, these are my friends.

NOTE: if you don’t understand this article, never mind it, I have wrote this only for myself.

You can still be happy.

Wrote by Isacco

6 giugno 2008
Trash and secession, is it a joke or what else?

At the theater: come people come, the problem remains but we speak of other problems.

Here, sprout here and the last minute secessionist movement. People who until yesterday was by hand with representatives of bassotti's gang, now only now, after having opened the doors to them, trying to close some window.

After giving fully availability, maximum collaboration, for the De Gennaro’s plan, that plan actually sacrificed heavily solely and exclusively the Irpinia, after signing, all agree deliberations to come to give favour by a problem Neapolitan only, after many years of waste problem stay on irpinia ground, then after they criticised the methods of “Lega-Nord”, now these gentlemen speak of secession IRPINA, why?

But how? Years ago the Sannio wanted to join with Molise, who remembers the MOLISANNIO?

I remember, were strongly criticized by people of their own deployment, if not directly by themselves.

How to say, now that the garbage is already a lot on the Irpinia streets, now serving an urgent solution to this problem, these gentlemen lose time with unnecessary chatter for misleading people's attention from the original issue.

Meanwhile, we are increasingly politically divided and increasingly weak.
Consider that compared to European court of justice, the plan De Gennaro was inadequate. For both of us poor citizens, we'll pay our pocket too. After having already paid salted parcels even at this last extraordinary commissioner and all the previous ones.

But then I want to say, let us send at 'home' these useless buffoons!

If anyone thinks I am saying foolish and of a part things, dictated by political lines, well, someone is wronging a lot. My blog is free of any brake inhibitor, I only say what I think, and then attached excerpts of articles from newspapers that confirm my thesis.

Bloggers, or simply curious readers tell me what you think of this latest Neapolitan comedy!

Written by Isaac.


Il Mattino - 07/05/2008 Secession from Campania, twenty mayors in the field

Erminio D'Addesa, who have long pressed for 'exit' from Campania. Independent for territory and political colour. Around the same table were representatives of the municipalities of Ariano, Lacedonia and for the Irpinia Valley of the East, Forino and Aiello del sabato for the Lower Irpinia and Mercogliano representing the metropolitan area. They only made head at the summit, but has shown interested in the battle also the first citizen of Avellino, Giuseppe Galasso. We will collect the accession of a number of municipalities that put together group 600.000 inhabitants: the provinces of Avellino, Salerno and Benevento count of one million and 800 residents. "we can do it"

Following is the text of the article on the site: IL MATTINO

OTTOPAGINE 28-04-2008

Pianodadardine, Continued storage of ecoballe,
<<De Simone and Galasso knew>>

Editor - 28.04.08, 7:41 am

While continued incessantly for the whole day of yesterday the arrival of trucks fully of ecoballe for Pianodardine, there is the political attach against being held responsible for the poor management of waste in Avellino. This is the hard attach of Claudio Rossano, deputy provincial coordinator of Forza Italia, which identifies, specific responsibility for mayor and president of Province in the management of waste in Avellino: “De Simone and the Mayor Galasso knew everything about ecoballe of Pianodardine” . It explains why: “It is now clear that the mayor Galasso and the chairman of the Province De Simone knew everything on the site of ecoballe of Pianodardine”. The De Simone itself - which sub official in the emergency waste - has given precise provisions for Asa “on the conferment of the waste implant of Pianodardine, to be reactivated”. This emerges clearly from a reading of the resolution of the Avellino’s municipal junta, March 27, 2008 quote that says: “today you are unable to establish the end of this emergency, which will result in additional burdens borne by the municipality for extraordinary collection of waste and Any transport more distant sites compared to the Pianodardine”.

omissis ..... .....

The late protests to use the site of Pianodardine may therefore seem as a real "Neapolitan puppet theatre" made behind unconscious population of irpina.

Follows the text of the article on site: OTTOPAGINE.IT

- clic here - per leggere in lingua italiana l'articolo del 7 maggio 2008

1 giugno 2008

two thousand people expected.   

In Irpinia collection blocked by one week, 2,600 tonnes of waste in the street

In the streets against the maxi-landfill

Today demonstration in Valley.


The mayors: the project for the Formicoso must be shelved forever

He guaranteed his presence as president of the Province, Alberta De Simone, should be new members Francesco Pionati and Arturo Iannaccone. The first emphasizes that "there is only one possibility, make common front against the attempt to transform the Irpinia in the dustbin of Campania. I propose to organize a major demonstration in Naples, bind the parliamentary delegation, in particular the Pdl, to exert pressure on the Government;

activate all initiatives judicial, parliamentary and community to protect the territories irpini.
Without local consensus we can not proceed.

(Follws on il Mattino - Avellino 05-05-2008 )


Dear Irpini, Most local newspapers, devote ample space, the Well-known problem of waste in Naples, and I stress of Naples. Not for lack of solidarity towards the capital of region, but to clarify a very simple concept, a province as the Irpinia is not able to produce such amount of waste, no even in 10,000 years, given the low population density and so small number of industries, if compared with the province of Naples.
So we can't and must not pay a price so high, the province must not IRPINA IMPORT from Naples all its waste, its crime, its hardships.
Under these conditions, we understand that for the province Irpina have Naples so close in terms of space, but so far, from thematic of Irpine, it is not an advantage, but a problem.
The problem becomes more harsh tones, when you notice that landfills are all identified in the vicinity of small municipalities. Under this way, you can also say that municipalities with a LOW NUMBER OF VOTERS MAY RECEIVE AS  GIFT THE “MONNEZZA” BOTH THEY ARE FEW AND BY LITTLE ACCOUNT.
But then who is the guarantor of the problem IRPINIA, a purely agricultural province, with flourishing green expanses of fields to cultivate, with countless herds of livestock, rural houses and beautiful nature.
I am small,a man small, but I want make hear my voice, especially to those who administer the province IRPINA now devoured, in almost irreversible vortex of bad policy

I obviously want to thank all of you, provincial administrators, for your opposition of butter, made against the axis De Simone - Bassolino.

Written by Isaac

The article was published in its original version on ideazzurra in Italian

(clicca per leggere in Italiano)

31 maggio 2008
TURIN - Left party communist terrorist

Bertinotti disputed the procession of Turin

Israeli flags burnt by social centres

Torino - Fausto Bertinotti was challenged this morning in Turin from social centres. It 'happened before the manifestation of the first in May in Piazza Vittorio where there was the concentration of the parade. When the former president of the Chamber has approached the banners and flags of “Communist Refoundation”, a group of young people from the social centres have practically done away challenging him to the Government's policy of the centre left and its participation in the Turin Book Fair.

burning Israeli flags At the end of the parade First of May, around to one, in square San Carlo, youth centres social Turin and the 'Free Palestine Association have burned two Israeli flags and an American.

"Act of incivility" "An act of incivility that when there is preparing to celebrate the festival for 60 years Israel in Turin, is unacceptable in a democratic state". So Claudia De Benedetti of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities has established acts antisraeliani Turin.

[Source il Giornale 1 maggio 2008]

The article was published in its original version on ideazzurra in Italian

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31 maggio 2008
the first in May the festival of workers


The slap of Ipercoop
<< The first May
we are open >>

In Piedmont, a supermarket does not close for the recurrence of workers.
Amazed trade unionists. Company: << Behind the benches only employees who want>>
The cartel promises: "Thursday, May 1st open from 9 to 21. And another, a little further, insists: "We are always open. No, not Bentonville, Arkansas. It is not even the entrance of one of 7mila mega-store Wal-Mart, undisputed temples of capitalism more stringent Made in USA. This is Cuorgnè, Canavese, heart of Piedmont. As for written if they are there,
inequivoche - for more than a 'companion' almost blasphemy - at the entrance to the local Ipercoop.

Yes, just one of those in the League, the red: or companions, 'Next people ", Pellizza da Volpedo and his entire Fourth Estate.
But rather than forward, here something has changed. Nor is the title of that great American film starring an even bigger Jack Nicholson. It's just a photograph. The whole of Italy. That of a country for too long defined "property". And now, precisely - like it or not like it - gives a desire to move. A change. More than for political choice, for payslip light; more than for accession ideological, for
installment of the loan on launch. Why these days just those 50 euros more to disobey the union. So the news came from this quiet town of 10,160 souls at the mouth of the valley of Orco, 414 meters above sea level and 41 kilometers from the provincial capital Turin could get from any other corner of Italy.

Source - [il Giornale Martedì 29 aprile 2008]

The article was published in its original version on ideazzurra in Italian

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31 maggio 2008

The defeat leaves and “the left” with broken bones, the ballot to the municipality of Rome.

The 53.66% of voters choose the candidate of “the People Of Freedom”


Gianni Alemanno: I am the mayor of all Romans.

Festivities and riot, in the homes of voters who have claimed. I was traveling and listening RADIO ONE, the conductor said a wise truth: <<Alemanno has exceeded the result of Fini, just when his party decides to dissolve AN account for “the People Of Freedom PDL”>> Then, as I see it? Simple a double victory for the PDL, the Roman citizens have given their massive consensus only after clearly understood that Alemanno does not belong to a past made of  black coat PLAYERS, "BUT EVEN" belong to a future made by  blue neckties PLAYERS. Many Greetings Alemanno, the blue BERLUSCONIANI, we are with YOU.

The article was published in its original version on ideazzurra in Italian

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31 maggio 2008
I would advise you to read this book.

The most awaited book!

Written by the famous author Bertoldo Grulloni of the same name publishing house.
The book contains the latest discoveries available today on almost disappeared subspecies
said: "HOMO SINISTRENSIS" the species is not classified as the missing link in our evolutionary line because the same descends from 'Homo-Porcellum Prodis, probably extinct because of a virus rare, little known Mastillum Clementis-type-BN.
However, it should be noted that the homo-sinistrensis still survives in some locations placed in the centre-north of the country. The current subspecies living are classified into four main sub: sub Fassinensis (A little-Habilis), is the most aggressive, even if it is considered frail of a reserve. The subspecies also known as Maximus mascalzonis-Latinus instead is strong constitution but poor in ideas, and then tends to hide, never fails to address the enemy front. The belonging to this subspecies usually seek to pilot puppets. These tricks have enabled the species to survive until today. In the book is devoted an extensive chapter to the species Homo Sinistrensis Weltronensis, because this species comes dall'africa south Saharan Africa, this species tends to colonize large areas of our country, with various techniques illusionistiche.
In the book are those mentioned most famous, but in summary, the behavior of this species is not yet clear, because of its high rate TRASFORMISMO.

With regard to Rutellis subspecies, is a species now known to the Capitoline, little careful, also called low-sapiens. I believe that currently there is a vaccine against his known demagogy. the book is actual and open to anyone who wants to give a turning point (ON RIGHT) to his life, is full of special, with lots of depth and already has a got a consistent number of copies sold. So, good reading, and let me know your considerations.

Bye Bye!

The article was published in its original version on ideazzurra in Italian

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